Printable Resources




  1. New Testament Challenge
    Download this challenge to read the New Testament in the 12 weeks before your trip.
  2. Revolving Prayer List
    How's your prayer life? Start praying for your upcoming trip by even 3 minutes per day. Get in the habit of daily seeking God for struggles in your life, your school, and your upcoming trip.
  3. Find a Mentor
    Find a mentor / coach / influential adult to invest in your life leading up to your trip. Target someone at least in their 40's, 50's or 60's. Find someone that has some great life experience that can speak into your life from a different perspective.
  4. Sample Prayer Letter
    Need a reminder of what to prayer for? Us this sample to construct a letter of your own, highlighting things to pray for towards your upcoming trip.
  5. Code of Conduct
    All Aim participants are asked to carefully read, and sign this document if they agree to follow the rules laid out. It's a list of expectations that will bring our the best in each team member.
  6. Expectation Letter
    Before the trip, prayerfully answer these questions. After completing it, seal it in an envelope and open it on the last day of your mission trip. I predict you will be amazed at how God has specifically answered these prayer/expectations.