Frequently asked questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about Aim.
  1. Who do I make the checks out to?
  1. Where do I send in my application, deposit?
    Send the completed application and deposit to: AIM 1315 Portland Ave. S. Minneapolis, Mn. 55404
  1. When are payments due?
    Payment Schedule Early bird registration: November 2, 2018 ** $50 Aim credit Registration deadline: November 30, 2018 1st Payment due: January 25, 2019 2nd Payment due: March 15, 2019 Final Payment due: May 3, 2019 Everyone must register online: Application, Notarized consent form Pastoral reference and background check (if 18+ at time of the trip). Available for International, ES sports, Live dead and USA trips (not Minnesota trips)
  1. Can I pay via Credit card?
    Yes, but there is a 3% fee added to each transaction but this is NOT the preferred method of payment. Call: 612-332-2400 - Ask for the accounting department
  1. Is the advertised price the final price?
    The final price of the trip will be set by at least: February 1, 2019. Due to the ever-changing prices on flights, the advertised price might go up slightly or down before the final price is set. The final price will be communicated to all participants at the Aim training on February 17, 2019. The price adjustment (if there is any) will be communicated by their trip leader and also on this website on February 1st..
  1. What if I back out of my commitment to the trip?
    You will lose the $200 non-refundable deposit (or $50 if a Minnesota trip). You will also lose all the money that has already been spent for your trip. Examples would be: Aim supplies (backpacks, books, bags, etc...), airline deposits or full fares, ground cost deposits, etc...
  1. When and where is the Aim training taking place?
    The event takes place at: Real Life Church 2353 N Chatsworth St, Roseville, MN 55113 February 18-19, 2018 Starts at 6pm on Sunday, ends at 4pm on Monday
  1. What takes place at the Aim training event?
    The Aim training happens as part of a larger conference, the Called Conference (sponsored by Minnesota district youth department). At the conference, the main focus will be: to challenge and equip students to bring change to their campuses. At the Destination Campus conference, the Aim training will take place as a track of sessions designed to give the students an overview of our Aim philosophy, and the general goals of the ministry. Training for individuals trips will take place at a later time, led by the youth pastor in charge of that trip.
  1. What does A.I.M. mean?
    Aim stands for: Ambassadors in Missions. AIM is the Assemblies of God's short-term missions program for high school students. For over 40 years, students from across the country have been traveling around this country and around the world on aim trips, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. The Minnesota district has been sending out aim teams for almost as long as the national program has been in existence. We have a great tradition of Aim in Minnesota! Over the last 7 years, Over 1100 students and adults have been apart of 73 trips traveling across Minnesota, the United states and literally around the world.