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the U.S.

ONE Mission!

To bring the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ to EveryOne!
Every Nation and Tribe, Every People and Language
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Drive across the state to team up with a local
ministry to serve people, and demonstrate God's
love for them through
acts of service and evangelism.
Leave the state, but not the country on a mission trip to work with ministries that share God's love through
creative ways.
Get your passport, and catch a flight to cross the border to travel around the world to bring the liberating message of Christ to people who desperately need to hear the life-giving message.
Are you passionate about sports? Then why don't
you use your basketball
or soccer skill to bring a message of Hope to students and adults around the world.
Important Aim Dates
  1. January 19, 2018
    Aim registration are still being accepted
    You must submit the following: Non-refundable deposit, Application Notarized consent form, Pastor's reference, Background check info A $25 late fee will apply
  2. January 26, 2018
    First payment is due
    Please postmark by this date: AIM 1315 Portland Ave. S. Minneapolis, Mn. 55404
  3. Feb. 18-19, 2018
    Aim Training
    Mandatory Aim training takes place during the Destination Campus Conference at Real life Church 2353 Chatsworth St Roseville, MN (President's day weekend)
  4. Mar. 16, 2018
    2nd Aim payment due
    Please postmark it by this date: AIM 1315 Portland Ave. S. Minneapolis, Mn. 55404
  5. May 4, 2018
    Final Aim payment due
    Must be postmarked by this date: AIM 1315 Portland Ave. S. Minneapolis, Mn. 55404 $25 late fee applies after this date
  6. June 1, 2018
    Aim drop date
    You will be dropped from trip is not paid in full by this date. All funds submitted may become non-refundable.
  7. February 9, 2018
    Final price set
    After all the contracts are signed, the final price will be set for all trips